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You want me, but you want her too.
You want both, you don’t want to choose.
You say you think about me more,
But you’re still with her.

You wish we could end up together in an alternate universe,
Because in this one, we’re too different.
In this one, I think differently than you,
A mindset you don’t comprehend.

You don’t have to understand me,
Just accept me,
But you can’t.
You say it’s logic vs. what you want.

You want me,
But she’s the more logical choice.
She thinks like you,
So it’s comfortable.

You say it’s “fine” with…


It’s hard to find the perfect pair.

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Finding the right guy is hard, and so is finding the perfect pair of shoes. Ideally, the perfect pair of shoes is stylish, but comfortable, cute, but reliable, trendy, but not too over the top. Any woman who loves shoes knows how difficult it is to find the ideal pair. The cute shoes are often uncomfortable and the comfortable ones are often…not so cute.

So how does this relate to men? Well, there are many types of men, like there are many types of shoes. There are cute men who usually come across as arrogant, egotistical, or dense. These men…


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To the one who tried to make me feel small because you did not have the same success,

The success I worked for for years, though my hard work did not seem to matter to you.

To the one who put me through impossible tests and then twisted my words when they weren’t the ones you wanted to hear,

Starting an argument over every little thing.

To the one who made my days exhausting and long,

Because you always had to be right.

To the one who said my feelings were “wrong,”

Because you said emotions were weak, logic was…


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I’m sure you’ve heard many online dating horror stories. Not horror as in the creepy events that happen on TV shows like Dateline, but stories of how dates have gone terribly wrong.

There are different levels of bad when it comes to online dating. The less disturbing levels can come in the form of a catfish. He might appear as a handsome, tall, muscular man, but once you meet in person (if it ever gets to that stage) he looks nothing like his picture. Or, there’s a personal favorite of mine, the height embellishment. …


It’s a choice

Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

“Don’t worry you just haven’t met the right one yet.” “You’ll find someone.” “Maybe try online dating.”

Sound familiar? This would be single shaming. According to Hayley Quinn, a Match dating expert, “Single shaming comes from the idea that being single is somehow ‘lesser’ to being in a relationship.”

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through Instagram, seeing nonstop pictures of couples, engagements, and weddings, and thinking wow it seems everyone is in a relationship and I’m not, there must be something wrong with me. Let me tell you, that is totally FALSE!

Nowadays, society places a great deal…

Watching you fade away

Original photo by author

To my very best friend:

Little did I know the day my mom found you on the street was the day my life began. I remember the phone call saying, “I found a stray dog, I’m bringing her with me to pick you up.”

It was my freshman year of high school. A new school. I was the new girl. It was hard to adjust. But the day we met, I knew it was meant to be. My perfect princess. Your scared, big eyes looked up at me and I told you I would protect you…

Amber L.

Just a girl trying to navigate through life.

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